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Making Security Invisible

By Annie Wang | June 18, 2015 at 11:09 AM

invisibleWhen the cloud was created, it was built to make data more readily available to employees. It was not built with security in mind. Because of this, we have now entered into a backwards game. Attempting to fit security, a square peg in the form of visible software on devices or blocked application access notifications, into cloud, an invisible round circle. This has caused a continued disregard for the true value of security and failure in combatting security breaches. We need to be flexible. We need to be invisible.

Because of the love that boardroom’s have for cloud in terms of business enablement, IT security professionals must now learn to talk in terms of business enablement as well. Cloud is not going away. We must use technologies that are geared towards generating value for business units. Technologies that do not impede business, but instead help reduce breach expenses, and save the company money so that they can re apply funds elsewhere. 

Now I’m not saying this is easy. We have our own internal battles that we must fight, the biggest one being realizing that not everyone values security as much as we do. If we can’t get over this vital step then we are doomed by our own pride.

Like the cloud, security technology must become invisible. A huge piece of business enablement is allowing employees to get their work done. Security cannot and should not define the way that users get their work done. Today’s enterprises are more aware of the needs of their users than ever, and security that frustrates users, frustrates that boardroom as well.

Introducing Invisible Security

Here at Bitglass we realize the value of being invisible. We have created invisible security solutions for each major cloud application. Our Proxy allows users (who have been granted access to cloud applications) to access their company applications without even realizing that the data they are accessing has been proxied. In the employee's mind all we do is make a small tweak to the url, and wallah, users have secure access to email, or any other sensitive data within a SaaS application. 

Unlike EMM solutions like Mobile Iron, Good, and AirWatch we have no software or client on end user devices. So users don’t feel that their privacy is being infringed upon. They have a completely native experience that allows them to get their work done, unimpeded by the security meant to protect them.

In short, we have created invisible security. And because of this, we are loved by not only our IT security customers, but by the employees in which they protect.

The best security is invisible. IT security teams just need to see it.


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