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Listen to Bitglass On Federal News Network Podcast on Zero Trust

By Woodrow Mosqueda | September 16, 2021 at 5:00 AM


Is the Federal government ready for Zero Trust?  

With President Biden’s executive order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity specifically mentioning Zero Trust, Fed IT leaders have prioritized the implementation of this technology as part of their digital transformation efforts. 

Recently, former Transportation Department CIO Ryan Cote joined our very own Ed Lopez on Federal Drive with Tom Temin to share their unique perspectives on how Federal agencies are approaching Zero Trust. 

Here are some key quotes from the podcast:

“There is a need for an incremental approach, but there’s also a need for vehicles like the White House executive order in May, which indicates an imperative that we need to move towards these things. The thing is, this was a stimulating action. This was a call to arms that said, ‘we need to move towards a zero trust environment, towards software sourcing, towards the ability to support encryption and multifactor authentication.’ These are all things that were put into the EO.” –Ed Lopez

“If I were not at Transportation, if I hadn’t already implemented the technology for zero trust, that would be my first move. As any federal CIO in any department or agency, I would just go get a solution, put it in place and just go—there’s just no point in waiting. Even if you get it a little bit wrong at first, and you have to spend some time turning knobs and tweaking it to perfection, you just have to get started.” –Ryan Cote 

“We have to ultimately recognize that zero trust is about our ability to broker communication from users and devices wherever they may be, to the cloud apps, private apps, internet, and those elements that we need to get to—and it can’t be site-specific the way it was anymore. This idea of the perimeter is definitely not disappearing, per se—you still have to have firewalls in the buildings. But the thing is, the way people communicate and use these networks and data has changed. The adoption of zero trust—I found it very positive that the executive order particularly outlined a zero trust requirement.” –Ed Lopez

To listen to the entire podcast, click here.

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