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‘It’s An Adoption, Not A Roll Out’

By Annie Wang | August 6, 2015 at 9:00 AM

BYOD_adoptionIn discussing our mobile security solution with a customer, a regional healthcare provider with 3,000 clinicians, something they said really hit home. They said that in pitching the product internally to their team they kept one thing in mind. When it comes to data-centric (BYOD) security “it’s an adoption, not a roll out.”

We often talk about how BYOD has changed the enterprise world today. Permitting employees to work from any device, from anywhere, and allowing enterprises to save money in the process. But what hasn’t changed in most cases is IT’s approach to mobile security. Deploying EMM solutions.

To most IT security teams a “roll out” means going through a formal process of deploying an EMM. This is a method in which IT teams are more than comfortable with, despite the lack of data protection they provide. Needless to say, to employees, a “roll out” only means that big brother is attempting to install software on their mobile device so they can track them at night and see all of the photos they take at their favorite bar.

In speaking with customers and prospects we have found that some IT security professionals’ default action plan for enterprise BYOD security looks something like this - “Pick an EMM, and roll it out to users. Yes, users hate it, but hey we need it. If this EMM doesn’t fit well then let’s just choose another.” Doing a quick google search for "MDM alternatives" just doesnt happen. The concept of deploying a data centric security solution is foreign to most teams. And because of this, the process is more of an adoption than anything.

Changing this mentality is no easy task, it takes education and time before adoption can truly take place. And although a data centric approach to mobile security trumps any EMM solution attempting to lock down the infrastructure itself, security professionals aren’t always willing to budge. Again, their default action plan isn’t “secure the data” it’s still “lock down the device."

If you are an IT security professional, and you realize the advantages of a data-centric approach vs. locking down the device you might want to keep something in mind “it’s an adoption, not a roll out.” It’s something that has truly helped us become successful here at Bitglass.

In the meantime you can use this white paper to get the ball rolling.


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Chris Hines

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