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Innovation Happens in So Many Ways

By Rich Campagna | May 6, 2015 at 1:19 PM



Different people innovate differently.  

Some of us think best in the car. Some think best when exercising, the endorphins trigger the best thinking. Some folks think best in the shower - maybe it's the singing, or maybe it's the hot water.

Today, I came upon yet another form of innovation via an inbound support ticket on our online chat system.


Paul Grubbs (paulgrub@****.**.edu)
  Wed, 05/06/15 11:44 am  
Hello! I am a security analyst at Indiana University. We're looking for a data security solution for our university Salesforce org, but the ability to search the data is very important. Can you tell me a little more about Bitglass' approach to preserving search on encrypted data?


Linkedin indicates that Paul Grubbs did attend Indiana University, but now works for a competitor as a cryptography engineer. Baffling that Mr. Grubbs would turn to our sales folks for technical advice on cryptography. Please come to our upcoming webinar, Mr. Grubbs.




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