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How to Thrive in a Remote-First Business World

By Juan Lugo | June 16, 2020 at 5:00 AM

Organizations are struggling to adapt their workforce to this highly remote, cloud-first environment that has become a necessity the world over. Enterprises rely highly on CASBs to secure their remote workforce, however, they are still not deployed widely enough considering that organizations aren’t able to adapt to the recent surge in BYOD demand across the globe--in the midst of recent global events. 

A recent survey conducted by two security industry leaders estimates that over 41% of enterprises have not taken any steps to expand secure access for their employees--who are more than likely violating data security policies, unknowingly. This is probably a testament to the fact that moving organizational data and daily operations to the cloud was in part, seen as a novelty rather than a necessity--for some organizations. Despite the fact that 65% of organizations now enable personal devices to access managed applications, numerous enterprises across all industries remain unsecure. 

The shift to BYOD can be seen throughout Bitglass’ wide range of customers. Organizations rely on the Next-Gen CASB to deploy its agentless solution across thousands of personal devices (personal computers, tablets, and mobile devices). This enables teams to access corporate data on the fly, allowing them to maintain optimum levels of productivity from any location and device. Customers that establish a remote workforce with this agentless solution report large operational cost savings, which is especially important in BYOD environments. The agentless deployment mode of Bitglass’ Next-Gen CASB solution eliminates the need for software installations that traditional CASBs still require. Therefore, IT departments can quickly adopt the cloud and BYOD, enabling them to carry out remote operations while minimizing the risk of data leaks.

The agentless approach can be rolled out on the fly, meaning that an organization can rapidly migrate to and secure the cloud. This is extremely beneficial for enterprises that aim to maintain employee productivity when they are not able to commute to the office. On the other hand, agent-based tools that require software installations on personal devices invade user privacy and harm the device functionality (battery life and more), countering the far-reaching benefits provided by BYOD. Luckily, Bitglass’ agentless architecture enables organizations to thrive in a highly remote, cloud-first environment. 

Bitglass’ report illustrates the challenges that organizations are facing in their attempts to enable BYOD without hindering their security. Click the button below to learn more about the state of data protection and what you can do to secure your remote workforce and swiftly deploy a sound solution for BYOD security.

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