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How Bitglass Works

By Bitglass | February 1, 2016 at 1:15 PM

Video Transcript

With today's enterprise, more and more corporate data is moving beyond the firewall, primarily via Cloud apps and mobile devices. As that shift occurs there are four main sources of potential data leakage that need to be secured. How does it work? Number one, traffic coming from the network. What the brief discovery service does is it analyzes your firewall or your proxy logs, and uncovers all of the traffic that's leaving your network, going to high-risk destinations beyond the firewall. That may be shadow IT for some organizations, unsanctioned Cloud apps. It may be breaches, command and control connections out to malware destinations. We uncover the sources of greatest risk to the organization, service them to the taps, and you can quickly prioritize them and mitigate those issues.

Number two, data stored at rest in the Cloud. Our patented approach to searchable encryption for data at rest inside of a Cloud application like Salesforce or Vox is unmatched by anyone else in the mainstream. Number three, at the point of access. Our visibility access control and data leakage prevention mechanisms allow you to control and determine exactly who has access to which data, and under which circumstances. Number four, our approach to providing protection for data at rest on devices allows us to control what goes to those devices, and selectively wipe corporate data from devices, and lockdown those devices without any presence or footprint on the device. By securing these four areas you've achieved total data protection beyond the firewall.



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