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Securing the Enterprise for Five Years – Happy Birthday, Bitglass!

By Anurag Kahol | January 8, 2018 at 4:33 AM

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As of January 3, 2017, Bitglass is officially five years old! The occasion has led us to reminisce on the last half of a decade. We are incredibly proud of where we've been and are very excited to secure your data for years to come.

When we first embarked on this journey, the term CASB (cloud access security broker) didn't mean anything. However, we saw the power of the cloud, recognized what a force it would become in the enterprise, and understood that data would need to be protected in new ways in the era of the cloud.

In the five years since then, we have seen tremendous growth in every area of our operations. We've expanded to more than 100 employees in eight countries, served hundreds of customers worldwide, and secured four foundational patents (with several more pending). In technology, sales, and everything else, Bitglass has consistently exceeded all expectations.

Moving forward, unparalleled technology, like our Zero-day Core, ensures that our customers already have the security platform that they will need for the next five years and beyond. Instead of focusing on outdated, reactive security strategies, we always have our eye on the future. Our CASB is designed to meet tomorrow's challenges. 

I want to thank my co-founders (Nat, Anoop, and Chris), the 100+ employees that dedicate their time, energy, and hearts to Bitglass, and the customers that put their trust in us to secure their data. We promise that the next five years will be even more exciting than the five we just completed.

Bitglass is rising – join us! Request a demo to begin securing your data.

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