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Hackers Are Home For the Holidays

By Kevin Gee | December 13, 2016 at 6:10 PM

shutterstock_520279837.jpgWith the holiday season already in full swing, people all across the world are sharing their personal and financial information with hundreds of retailers as they scramble to purchase gifts for family and friends. This makes it a perfect time to remember the countless company breaches over the past few holiday seasons and reflect on how enterprises can better protect Payment Card Industry data (PCI). Your employees and customers have enough to worry about without the additional concern that a breach may lead to information being exposed to malicious parties.  In the spirit of the holidays, provide your employees and customers with the greatest gift of all - peace of mind. With Bitglass you can guarantee all data is secured end-to-end, inline, and in real-time.

Whether your corporate data is stored in Salesforce, Office 365, or any other cloud app, a CASB like Bitglass provides robust Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities to identify and protect PCI data by watermarking/fingerprinting files, masking/redacting sensitive info, encrypting (both at rest and upon download or upload), or outright blocking access to PCI from risky devices.

Bitglass even provides a large library of standard DLP patterns to cover common sensitive patterns. Our DLP engine is flexible enough to support custom patterns containing simple keywords, and advanced regex patterns.   

In a world rife with company data breaches, don’t become the next Target, Home Depot, or Ebay. Contact us today to talk about how we can help you secure your data.

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