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The Faces Behind the Next-Gen CASB: Kevin Lee

By Kevin Lee | May 14, 2018 at 4:08 AM

Kevin Lee CASB

In this blog series, The Faces Behind the Next-Gen CASB, we will be interviewing Bitglass employees from different departments within the company. We want to show you what it's like to work for the Next-Gen CASB. In this post we will hear from Kevin Lee. Read on to learn more!

What do you do at Bitglass?
I'm a Sr. QA Engineer at Bitglass. My responsibilities include testing new features and bug fixes, mentoring and training more junior engineers, assisting with releases as needed, and finding and providing tools and utilities for the QA team.

What does your average day look like?
A mix of testing, research, planning, and collaboration with other teams.

Why did you join the company?
I joined Bitglass because it seemed like a good place to pick up new skills and re-enforce existing ones. I also thought the product and implementation was fascinating as a whole – the technology is very unique. 

What is your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of my job is learning. As we develop and release new features, there is always more to learn – both in terms of new technology and how our own product is laid out.

What is it like to work with your team?
The QA team is friendly and collaborative. The best thing about the team as a whole is that everyone is able and willing to raise what they believe to be valid concerns. It really helps with making sure that everything is as high quality as possible.

What is Bitglass' culture like?
Bitglass' culture is really enjoyable and interesting. We have a mix of people with different backgrounds, so there is a huge variety of perspectives and approaches to work. Overall, I would say the culture is open and friendly, with a large degree of flexibility in how to get your work done.

What's your favorite thing about Bitglass?
The people here. As previously noted, there are people of all types. This makes for a large variety of opinions and viewpoints, which is great for opening up your own thought processes.

Do you have any advice for people pursuing a career in your line of work?
Not simply to ask questions, but to learn from those questions. Take any situation that you have, try to do your best to learn something from the experience, and then apply that concept to the rest of your work.

What's your favorite scotch and why?
Lagavulin 16 – perfect balance of flavor, peat, and smoke. 

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