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Does Your Salesforce Sandbox Need a Cover?

By Rich Campagna | September 16, 2014 at 2:55 PM

salesforce_sandbox_securitySalesforce's sandbox functionality is a great solution for test and development. They allow you to create multiple copies of your organization's Salesforce environment so that if (or more likely when) data gets corrupted, lost, deleted as a result of your development efforts, there is no impact on your actual production data. The problem is that for many organizations, these sandboxes become a security vulnerability.

Many developers are third party contractors, and even those that are full-time employees shouldn't have access to production CRM data. Developers typically need real data in order to appropriately test, so many customers end up copying actual production data to their Salesforce sandbox.

Yikes! You now have third parties freely accessing data that you've worked hard to control access to in your production environment. The risk? Data leakage, theft, compliance breaches,...

Don't let slips like this undermine your ability to provide adequate data protection for Salesforce. Wherever possible:

  • Prohibit any production data from being mirrored to Salesforce sandboxes.
  • Limit sandbox access to only authorized (and required) users. 
  • Leverage a Cloud Access Security Broker across all of your Salesforce instances - production and otherwise.





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