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DLP - need steak with the sizzle?

By Nat Kausik | October 19, 2016 at 3:26 PM


Last week we got an inbound enquiry from a global insurance company.  They had purchased another CASB two years ago for Shadow IT discovery.   Now they were rolling out Box globally and wanted to secure the application before users were allowed to share content.    The transition from Shadow IT discovery to data protection proved bumpy.  

Although the incumbent CASB vendor showed off tons of logos for its Shadow IT discovery service, when it came to data protection the reference ranks were thin.  In any case, the insurance company forged ahead with them.  Incumbent vendors enjoy the advantages of incumbency...except when their product is not upto snuff.  Unfortunately for the customer that turned out to be the case here - lots of sizzle and no steak.

The incumbent vendor offered two options:  (a) make ICAP calls to a full-strength on-prem DLP engine and incur severe latency issues, or (b) make do with the native DLP engine on the CASB that was limited to basic ascii characters without double-byte support for foreign languages. 

Ugh!  Global companies need globalized technology.  DLP restricted to ASCII does not travel far!



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