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Deploying Office 365? Here's what you need to know.

By Salim Hafid | April 26, 2017 at 6:00 AM

rawpixel-com-236143.jpgLate last year, our annual cloud adoption survey revealed that 34.8% of organizations worldwide have now deployed Office 365. This unprecedented growth in cloud productivity software is driven in part by the need for mobility, flexibility, and lower costs.

For organizations looking ahead, for whom cloud is the next step on the IT roadmap, Office 365 is the default choice. Those that are hesitant to make the leap are often most concerned about data security in the cloud, so we've put together a few questions organizations should ask before migrating to the cloud.

Where does Microsoft's responsibility end?

Microsoft has built a stellar security team and Office 365 is constantly updated with the latest patches to protect your data-at-rest in their cloud application. Once downloaded to an endpoint, however, Microsoft is no longer responsible for your data. It's at that point - at access - that the enterprise needs to have an additional layer of security in place.

Do you need end-to-end protection?

For the most security conscious industries, end-to-end protection is invaluable. Whether at rest in the cloud or in transit to a mobile device, you want to rest assured that sensitive corporate data is protected.

Can you control access from unmanaged endpoints?

A big question for many organizations is how to enable BYOD in a way that doesn't compromise security. For organizations that choose to block all access from these unmanaged devices, employees will look to work around IT, so the question becomes how to limit access in the riskiest contexts and protect data on any device. 

Do you need real-time data controls?

Most organizations don't just want to be alerted to a breach after it happens. They need a proactive approach to data security – a need that requires granular DLP and an inline approach to protecting data at access.

How can you protect against unauthorized access?

The risk of compromised credentials, unauthorized access, or accidental external sharing is always high. For organizations to limit this type of breach, they need tools that can identify a suspicious login across cloud applications and act to prevent such a login.

Watch the full webinar here and learn more about the security questions you should be asking before deploying Office 365.

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