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Cost-Effective Cloud Security for the Modern Enterprise: Part 3

By Juan Lugo | August 24, 2020 at 5:00 AM

In order to adapt and thrive in the remote workforce, organizations need cost-effective security solutions that protect data, block threats, and enable business operations without diminishing financial resources. As such, Bitglass has helped a number of organizations through its cloud-first SASE platform since the pandemic began. These organizations were able to achieve better security as well as save significant amounts of money by using Bitglass’ unified platform in place of multiple, disjointed point products. The following paragraphs detail a simplified, real-world scenario to demonstrate how much money organizations with about 10,000 users can save by upgrading to Bitglass (with a 4 year capital expenditure model for depreciating hardware appliances).

Bitglass’ cloud-delivered SASE platform grants users secure access to any organizational data in the cloud or on premises from all devices and locations--without the need for on-prem firewall/VPN appliances. Teams are empowered to work more productively, remotely, and continuously when clunky security tools don’t get in their way. On average, a firewall/VPN appliance can cost organizations’ approximately $100,000. Assuming eight units are needed, the costs can be upwards of $800,000. Over a four year depreciation period, that’s $200,000 per year. Enterprises can leverage Bitglass’ SASE solution to bypass these costs while optimizing their overall security.

Money Saved Annually: $200,000

Secure web gateways (SWGs) are an essential component of any organization’s security stack. SWGs act as gatekeepers for all web traffic, defending against threats and unauthorized access to content. As such, enterprises commonly pay $100,000 per SWG unit, with 12 units being the needed number for a 10,000-user organization (totaling to $1,200,000). Annually, this would be $300,000. Unfortunately, these appliance-based SWGs are not designed to scale with organizations or handle surge loads, harming the user experience. The good news is that Bitglass offers the world’s first on-device SWG. By pushing traffic decryption and inspection directly to the edge (users’ endpoints), Bitglass reduces latency, upholds business continuity, and saves customers substantial sums of money. 

Money Saved Annually: $300,000

Total Money Saved Annually: $500,000

Bitglass’ comprehensive DLP offers both granular and flexible protections in any app, device, on-premises resource, or web destination. Access to sensitive data is governed by access method, device type, geographical location, and even custom factors that your organization can define; actions include items like redact, quarantine, DRM, and encrypt. For traditional, on-premises, appliance-based DLP systems, organizations pay an average of $200,000 per unit. For a 10,000-user organization, deploying 10 of these appliances costs a minimum of $2,000,000 in total, or $500,000 per year. For the same organization, a CASB that provides cloud DLP would cost approximately $350,000 per year. By switching to Bitglass’ SASE platform, (which includes comprehensive DLP for any interaction on premises or off premises) enterprises can gain more unified protections and save money.  

Money Saved Annually: $850,000

Total Money Saved Annually: $1,350,000

Bitglass’ SASE platform includes IdP capabilities like single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and even contextual access control, eliminating the cost associated with operating standalone IAM tools (although, if an organization prefers, Bitglass can integrate with other IdPs that may already be in use). Standalone providers typically charge $18 per user per year, costing 10,000-user enterprises over $180K annually. Should an organization elect to use Bitglass as the IdP, these costs would be eliminated. 

Money Saved Annually: $180,000

Total Money Saved Annually: $1,530,000

Assuming a price of $500,000 per year for 10,000-user organizations using Bitglass’ SASE, the savings would exceed $1,000,000 annually, with a payback time of 4 months; this doesn’t even consider the operational expenses necessary to manage and maintain the above appliances (which typically add 20% to 30% to the overall cost). Additionally, as technology ages and companies grow, expensive replacements and upgrades are inevitable, meaning that Bitglass will remain the cost-effective security platform of choice for years to come for organizations around the world.

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