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Cloud First, Security Now

By Salim Hafid | November 6, 2015 at 11:00 AM

In our latest report on Changing IT Priorities for 2016, we found that 55% of CIOs surveyed characterized their public cloud strategy as "Cloud First." This is a significant departure from the mentality of years past, where organizations defaulted to the warm, cozy feeling of premises-based applications. Cloud adoption has accelerated in recent years in large part due to the associated cost savings and ease of deployment. Despite this incredible progress, security remains a top priority for many IT leaders.

As organizations move their corporate data to public cloud applications, the need for added security and control beyond the built-in capabilities of Google Apps, Office 365, and others, becomes apparent. While cloud app vendors have a vested interest in keeping their platforms secure, their security focus and investments are typically limited to large scale security issues that would impact all users of the platform (think DDOS attacks or SQL injection vulnerabilities).

Cloud app vendors' built-in security typically falls short on protections related to user behavior, compromised credentials, access and sharing of sensitive data, and compliance. For CIOs, taking a cloud first, security now approach to corporate data, there's a growing need for a CASB like Bitglass, a comprehensive solution that offers more control and visibility over that data.

With Bitglass, an organization can fill critical cloud app security gaps immediately. Alerted to multiple logins from distant geos, massive downloads to unmanaged BYOD devices, unwanted external file sharing are all suspicious activities that may indicate a breach. Just some small examples of visibility enabled by CASBs. 

Download the Definitive Guide to CASBs here.

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