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Cloud Security Alliance CEO Jim Reavis talks cloud adoption

By Bitglass | March 12, 2015 at 1:51 PM

There's a huge cost to businesses if they're not able to adopt cloud computing rapidly enough, because their competitors surely are, and it's not just a lower cost way of doing IT --  it's a way that allows you to innovate more rapidly. When organizations are thinking about this from a strategic perspective and they're building that next generation architecture to adopt cloud, and again thousands of cloud providers, they've come to the realization that they cannot have the provider do this on their own. They've come to the realization there needs to be this intermediary, and there's this term the Cloud Access Security Broker.

When you think about what a lot of these capabilities are, one is clearly visibility, having that ability to see what services are in use, how data may be flowing in and out of the organization, which becomes more and more of a challenge when you think about how enterprises are employing a lot more personal use devices, bring your own devices, a term for it where the employee actually owns it, and so they don't actually have direct control over it.

We're very happy to have Bitglass as a corporate member of Cloud Security Alliance, and they're absolutely innovators and leaders in this field that we're entering into. When you think about these very important abilities to be able to see the information, gain that visibility from the providers back to the organizations, and to be able to basically find ways to provide better security than what that cloud service actually can do on its own. This is something that's really critical to us.




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