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Cloud and Trust: A Match Made In IT Heaven

By Annie Wang | October 7, 2014 at 10:41 AM trust
  1. Cost Savings
  2. Flexibility
  3. Mobility

These would most likely be the top 3 responses if you were to ask any enterprise why they switched to a cloud infrastructure. In fact, a recent Spiceworks survey showed that 61% of companies have adopted the cloud. According to Bitglass’ 2014 Cloud Adoption Report – 24% of orgs are embracing online email and productivity suites, Microsoft Office 365 (7.7% of orgs) and Google Apps (16.3% of orgs) being two of the largest.

 Most popular cloud apps


The thing about the cloud is that when you bring it up in a meeting there’s this perpetual gorilla in the room. It’s sitting there in the form of eye rolls, headshakes and other expressions of doubt. With one thought on everyone’s mind…”but what about SECURITY?”


roadblocks to cloud adoption 

When you sum it up, it all comes down to trust. The million-dollar question being “How do we trust the cloud?” To help you answer this question here are the 3 MUST have properties of a cloud app:

  1. Transparency –On one hand you want to be able to see all of the activity that takes place in the app - especially mission critical cloud applications. On the other hand, employees want to know exactly which of their activities are being monitored. No employee likes the idea of their company being able to look at their personal email exchanges with their spouse or doctor. Even if these posts are nothing incriminating.
  1. Relevance – The cloud should be relevant to your business. This sounds like a complete “duh” but you would be surprised at how many companies shift to the cloud just because they THINK they need to - but the cloud isn’t necessary for everyone.
  1. Resilience –No company wants to place their most critical assets into a cloud that runs the risk of breaking down. Would you purchase a car if you knew the engine and brakes would fail shortly after you bought it? The cloud must remain resilient in times of natural disasters, major outages and all other disruption scenarios. Cloud vendors are talking more and more about resilience these days, knowing how important it is in an enterprise’s purchase decision.

But how do you maintain security of your data once you migrate it into your cloud apps? What are the security gaps created once you implement SaaS? Keep an eye out for my 4 part blog series called “SaaS Holes.” The first post will be going out later this week. Follow @Bitglass for more info!


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