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Nasdaq: Cloud & Mobile are Inseparable...

By Nat Kausik | November 9, 2015 at 11:38 AM


 Gartner coined the term "Cloud Access Security Broker" or CASB to refer to the category of products that secure cloud applications.  It is a term that has stuck in the IT market.   We get calls and emails from IT departments asking for CASB - from universities, hospitals, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing companies and pretty much every other vertical in between.   What is not clear from the term is that a complete CASB solution must secure both cloud and mobile, since cloud and mobile are inseparable.

 When you get a new mobile device, the first thing you do is to install your favorite apps on it. Of course, these apps are cloud apps, otherwise they would not be very useful.  Conversely, when you sign up for a cloud app, the first thing you do is to enjoy increased mobility by accessing the app from any device.  Cloud and mobile are truly inseparable.

The tight relationship between cloud and mobile is even evident in the stock market.   When you think mobile, Apple is the one stock that comes to mind as the barometer for mobile.  Likewise, when you think cloud, comes to mind.    We all know that Apple stock has performed very well, and Apple is the most valuable company by market capitalization.  How does Salesforce compare?  

The chart above compares the stock price of Apple and with the Nasdaq composite, since the launch of the first iPhone on June 29, 2007.  It is clear that Apple stock and Salesforce stock track each other closely and both outperformed the Nasdaq substantially.  In fact, has outperformed Apple slightly.

Cloud and mobile are indeed inseparable.   Taken together, they drive corporate data outside the firewall, since data travels from third party servers, via third party networks to BYO devices.   Traditional security products delivered as software and hardware are simply obsolete as there is no place to install them.   Enter the CASB.  A complete CASB solution must secure both cloud and mobile.  

Bitglass is the only CASB that secures cloud and mobile in an integrated solution. 



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