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Cloud adoption in regulated vs unregulated industries

By Salim Hafid | December 21, 2015 at 10:00 AM


Data from our latest Cloud Adoption report revealed that 39% of organizations in regulated industries adopted some cloud app compared to 50% of those in unregulated industries. The fact that unregulated industries see higher rates of cloud adoption comes as no surprise, but the high rate of growth in healthcare and finance indicates the many benefits of cloud apps now outweigh the few drawbacks for these heavily regulated industries.

In healthcare, HIPAA compliance requires access control, audit controls, and more. And while large-scale infrastructure breaches are widely publicized, loss of personal health information due to lost and stolen devices is often overlooked. As these healthcare organizations move to the cloud, meeting these compliance requirements and limiting data loss from stolen devices becomes critical. With a CASB like Bitglass, healthcare organizations can have visibility over sensitive data stored in public cloud apps, control access to that data, and even selectively wipe corporate data from mobile devices.

Regulated industries like healthcare are more willing to adopt cloud apps now that they can be secured effectively. With Cloud Access Security Brokers, these regulated businesses can have the control and visibility they need for compliance purposes. 

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