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Total Data Protection with CASBs

By Rich Campagna | August 20, 2014 at 5:37 AM

This is post #4 in our series on Cloud Access Security Brokers (Post #1#2#3).

As an emerging category, Cloud Access Security Broker capabilities vary from one vendor to the next. A complete solution in the category must protect corporate data throughout its life cycle—in the cloud, at access, on the device, and on the corporate network. 

After all, cloud data doesn't simply reside "in the cloud." It's accessed by users, downloaded to their devices, shared inside and outside the organization, and more. Upcoming posts will dive into critical security capabilities in each of these four areas. 



To help provide more color on what CASBs do, we have created The Definitive Guide to Cloud Access Security Brokers. We're providing the entire document via a series of posts on this blog. Of course, if you prefer to binge read your Definitive Guides much like you binge watched Breaking Bad on Netflix, you can download the whole thing immediately, right here. 

Download the Definitive Guide



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