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CASB: Security AND Management

By Nat Kausik | July 20, 2016 at 11:50 AM


Last week I met with a 25B hedge fund.  They are well known for their investment activism in the public markets, buying, shaping, selling etc.  Harsh as this might sound, the crux of capitalism is assigning capital to where it is used most efficiently, and absent hedge funds that trade actively, the capital markets will be less efficient.   In any case, was not sure what they wanted to discuss but thought I might learn something.

As with any hedge fund, secrecy rules at this one.  No name on the door.  Combo locks. The full treatment. But the meeting proved to be quite interesting.

They said they had researched CASBs in depth and concluded that there were two aspects to CASB - (1) security and (2) management. "Security" being inline data protection, and "management" being ShadowIT discovery, API analysis etc.  And their research showed that Bitglass was the only CASB that did both!



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