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Can MDM Secure the Mobile Cloud?

By Nat Kausik | May 26, 2015 at 1:57 PM

Every day we speak with organizations that are moving from on-premise Exchange to Office365 and struggling to make sense of it. The promise of the cloud is access from anywhere on any device. But how can you protect your data anywhere, on any device?

With Exchange and Sharepoint on-premise, EMM solutions from AirWatch and MobileIron made some sense, extending the perimeter to managed devices.  When it came to BYOD, EMM solutions made less sense, but oh well, force the users to put up with the hassle.  

In moving from Exchange to Office365, EMM solutions make no sense at all.  Sure, they can provision the apps on the device.  Maybe even in a secure "Android for Work" container or in a constrained profile in an iPhone.  But the user can simpy bypass that via a browser and download files at will.  

Extending MDM to the cloud brings new meaning to the the picture above.   The gate and the sign on it have long outlasted the fence.  No sign of the cattle either.


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