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"Cadillac of CASB" 0 - deploy in 2.4 months

By Nat Kausik | July 1, 2016 at 11:58 AM



Last week I wrote about a customer who called in to our sales desk, saying a leading analyst firm recommended Bitglass as the "Cadillac of CASB."   Cadillacs stand for luxury.  And performance.  


Here is how.  A financial services giant chose Bitglass for our unique searchable cloud encryption and real-time data protection capabilities, on any device, anywhere, no agents or configuration required.    And 72 days after purchase, the customer deployed in production!

In contrast, yesterday we recieved an RFP from another financial services giant, one that had purchased a different CASB well over a year ago.    They were unable to deploy and are now back to the drawing board. Turns out that CASB requires agents on every device.   

Solutions that do not include an agentless option may look great in the lab, but are very hard to deploy.   Furthermore, they defeat the very purpose of moving to the cloud, i.e., no software to deploy and manage.  

When you are shopping for a CASB, ask vendors to clearly state whether agents are required for real-time data protection on any device.   Look for a solution that gives you both agentless and agent-based options.  




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