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BYOD Security 2015: Rise of the Employees

By Rich Campagna | September 25, 2015 at 9:24 AM

We just published a really interesting (and fun) report on the current state of BYOD - BYOD Security 2015: Rise of the Employees. Most organizations have a couple of years of BYOD under their belts, so we thought it was a great time to see what's working, and what's not. The findings were striking, and show a dramatic gap between where BYOD is today, and its incredible potential in the enterprise. The source of that gap? Tools like MDM and MAM, which cause employee consternation and IT headaches. 

To assemble the report, we embarked on two separate surveys -  one examining employees and the other targeting mobile security administrators. In total, we got insights on BYOD adoption, challenges and overall effectiveness from 2,242 participants.

Unfortunately, a full 57% of employees that own smartphones or tablets are not participating in their organization's BYOD programs. The reason is simple - they do not want their employer's IT department to have visibility into their data and applications. IT folks, the ones that actually purchase and deploy MDM/MAM solutions aren't much better - with an unbelievable 38% of them abstaining for the same reasons! 

Does this mean BYOD won't ever work? Absolutely not - 67% of employees want to participate in BYOD, but they want to do so on their own terms. No more undue IT control over their personal devices, applications, and data. These employees are happy to participate, but only if IT can't alter, view, or delete personal data and applications. That means throwing MDM out the window, and looking for the next generation of alternatives - agentless, data-centric mobile security solutions. 

There are quite a few more juicy findings. To check them out, download the report, BYOD Security 2015: Rise of the Employees.

If you've heard enough and just want to see how much easier life can be with Bitglass, check out this demonstration video, where we pit 5 year-old Brooke and Bitglass against 28 year-old Jeremy and MDM in a battle to onboard their devices. Spoiler alert: she absolutely crushes him, and not just because we promised her a cupcake at the end of the filming. 




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