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Top Priorities in Higher Ed: Protect Research, Enable Cloud & Mobile

By Salim Hafid | October 14, 2015 at 10:00 AM


The challenges higher education institutions face as BYOD programs become essential are unique in many respects. There are few, if any, other organizations that need to onboard thousands of new users all at once every year, and in few other organizations does a quarter of the user base leave. That said, many of the priorities of education CIOs are similar to the priorities of CIOs in industry.

Data from Extreme Networks suggests that security and mobility are the top strategic priorities for higher education IT departments after infrastructure. That infrastructure piece is well covered by the public cloud application vendors, among them Google Apps, Office 365, and Box. The security and mobility piece, however, is still up in the air for many higher education institutions. 

Having a well defined BYOD strategy in place is absolutely essential. While student data is less of a concern, faculty members are increasingly mobile and need access to file sharing and collaboration tools on a number of different devices. Like in industry, faculty members are hesitant to install invasive software on their personal devices, and so, higher education CIOs need to consider alternatives.

CASBs offer the visibility and security that higher ed IT departments are prioritizing, coupled with granular control of data where it's needed without impeding on faculty privacy - sensitive research data, for example, can easily be secured. Just one of many use cases where CASBs can be effective.





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