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Bitglass Rising: 2017 and Beyond

By Dean Hickman-Smith | December 14, 2017 at 5:13 AM

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Over the last year, Bitglass has grown tremendously. We’ve traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to speak with cloud security thought leaders, interviewed hundreds of people, and recruited outstanding professionals to open operations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America - not to mention our expanding US team. We’ve signed and enabled sixty-eight channel partners and launched major initiatives with Singtel, Optus, Cylance, and Boldon James. Soon we will be adding another significant ecosystem partner that will give us access to over 400 additional sellers.

We're incredibly proud of the team we are building, the partnerships we are forming, and the customer base we are growing around the world.

It's fascinating how much cloud security has evolved over the last year. At RSA in the beginning of 2017, the CASB (cloud access security broker) sector was embryonic and focused on monitoring employee usage of unsanctioned cloud applications. Last month, we participated in Gartner Symposium in Barcelona. Having spoken with over 200 attendees, it's clear that the CASB sector has massively matured. Customers now expect a solution that provides real-time, inline control, comprehensive DLP capabilities, malware protection, rapid deployment, transparency to the user, and the ability to secure company-owned and personally-owned devices.

The maturing of the CASB market aligns perfectly with Bitglass' original technical vision to deliver inline, real-time data protection. Recently, we made a significant announcement about the next generation of our product. We are now positioned even further ahead in this dynamic sector.

We couldn't be more excited about how much Bitglass will continue to grow in the coming year. The team and the partnerships are in place, the product is ready, and there's an awesome market fit.

Bitglass is rising - join us.

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