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Bitglass report: BYOD availability outpaces adoption

By Salim Hafid | April 28, 2016 at 6:00 AM


In partnership with the InfoSec community, we conducted a survey of over 800 cybersecurity leaders on trends in enterprise mobility. Not surprising to most is the fact that BYOD availability is on the rise across all industres, including those subject to stringent regulatory mandates like financial services and healthcare. In fact, 74% of the financial services organizations surveyed say BYOD is supported for at least some employees.

BYOD adoption, however, lags availability. While most organizations are willing to extend access to corporate data to more devices, they can only do so with proper security measures in place, many of which are invasive or require cumbersome third-party applications. Naturally, employees in organizations that require these agents are hesitant to enroll in such a BYOD program and try to work around IT.

Also of note are the key security measures different industries have in place, or lack thereof. While password protection is widely used across all industries, equally important security measures are less common. Device encryption, for example, a critical capability in healthcare where sensitive patient data is often stored on physicians' devices, is only used in 57% of healthcare orgs. 

Check out the full report to see how each industry differs in approach to BYOD security.

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