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Bitglass adds Help Desk Diagnostics

By Rich Campagna | March 14, 2016 at 8:00 AM


As enterprises adopt cloud and mobile, the help-desk has a blind spot to performance issues.  When a user calls the help desk to say that he or she is not able to get email on a BYO device, it is near impossible for the help desk to debug.  There are no logs to access and examine from the SaaS app, and certainly no easy way to debug a BYO laptop or mobile device. 

Bitglass to the rescue.  Bitglass is the only CASB capable of real-time inline protection of data flowing to or from any device, without installing agents or configuration.  A side benefit of this is that the corporate help desk has instant access to logs for all user transactions, enabling rapid troubleshooting.

In fact, Bitglass has just added a "health" tab to the admin console.  Help desk pros can examine performance stats by user, device and app to pinpoint problems.    For example the screen shot below shows a user was denied access by the application server on his BYO device, pinpointing the cause to the application rather than to the device or user error.



As applications move to the cloud and users go BYOD, all aspects of IT must move to the cloud as well.  If you are a Bitglass customer, visit the "Health" on your console.  Bitglass leads th



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