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By Nat Kausik | March 27, 2018 at 10:19 AM


As ski season winds down, am reminiscing of Snowbird, my favorite resort in the Wasatch mountains of Utah. Their names for ski slopes are creative, and offer much insight into the human condition.

Earlier this month, we were called into a large hospital in the NY metro area.   Excellent facility, great doctors.  But struggling to achieve compliance as they move to the cloud.  They had called upon the usual suspects, the so called leaders in the Magic Quadrant.     

One vendor, a large public company, went first to set up a trial rig.  In addition to their system in the cloud, they needed a large farm of on-premise DLP engines to get going.  After 45 days of trying, they could not get it to work and the customer booted them out. 

Vendor two, recently acquired by a legacy player, had such weak DLP capabilities that although their system was up and running, they came up empty handed all around.

And vendor three, required agents on every device.  No mobile security capabilities.  Not interoperable with Secure Web Gateways.  Other than that a great product. 

Which brings me to the aptly named ski slope - Bassasckwards!  If a customer is moving to the cloud, they don't want to be installing more security servers on-premise.  And yes, they do want DLP engines that work.  And mobility is a must-have, so if you are a legacy Secure Web Gateway pretending to be a CASB, it is wise to come clean!

If you believe that Bassackwards is humor that should just stay on the ski slope, Bitglass is the CASB for you.  Just works.  

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