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The Spider-Man CASB!

By Swati Chopra  |  August 21, 2015 at 4:03 PM  | 


Remember the stories when Spiderman would come flying out of nowhere and save the day against evil spirits? The world of Cloud security works just like the famous comic strip. 

Traditionally, enterprises stored confidential information on in-house servers, secure with local firewalls (security guards). Their eventual realization of the productivity and efficiency gains to be had by moving to cloud applications like Dropbox and Office 365 changed that completely. The cloud is simply cheaper and more flexible than premises infrastructure. The challenge is that information security has traditionally required control of the underlying infrastructure in order, and with cloud apps, data is stored on third party infrastructure, rendering those security guards useless. Cloud vendors provide security for their own infrastructure but how to make sure that confidential data is being used and shared appropriately?

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