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Bitglass Platform Demo - November 9

Bitglass Security Spotlight: REvil Group Taken Offline by Feds, Attacker Activities, and a VPN Company Exposes Data

Forcepoint CEO: Future is Bright with Bitglass Acquisition

Bitglass Where’s Your Data Experiment 2021: Why You Should Care Where Your Data is Going

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Large Data Leaks, New COVID-19 Scams, and Fast Ransomware Attacks

When it Comes to Malware Think Like Bond “Trust No One”

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Critical Vulnerability Exploits and Patches, Plus Novel Attack Tactics

How US Federal Government Proposals Promote Zero Trust Network Access

Listen to Bitglass On Federal News Network Podcast on Zero Trust

Bitglass Security Spotlight: A Record-Breaking Botnet, Ransomware Worries, and an International Data Breach

Why Phishing is a Bigger Threat than Ransomware

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Details on the T-Mobile Hack, DDoS Attacks, and Other Breaches

Why the World Needs Proactive Cybersecurity

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) vs Security Service Edge (SSE)

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Attackers Leverage Microsoft Vulnerabilities and More Ransomware Updates

Are you on a Security Service Edge (SSE) journey?

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Ransomware Developments, Additional SolarWinds Victims, and More Data Breaches

Watch SASEDay 21 Executive Panel on Zero Trust Digital Transformation

Why IaaS Security Should be a Priority

Mind the Backdoor

Five Key Takeaways from SASEDay 21

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Kaseya Ransomware Attack Aftermaths and More Post-Ransomware Data Breaches

Hairpinning: The Bottleneck in Most Secure Web Gateway Architectures

Four Questions about SASEDay 21 with Bitglass’ Kevin Sheu

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Misconfigured, Unsecured Cloud Platforms and Averted Attacks

The Future of Work is Hybrid – Is Your Security Ready?

Now is the Time To Rethink Your BYOD Security Strategy: Q&A with Cybersecurity Insiders Founder, Holger Schulze

Native Security: Cure or Disease?

Ignorance is Bliss… for Hackers

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Data Breaches and Hacks Across Industries, and a Ransomware Payment Recovery

What We Can Learn from the Colonial Pipeline Breach

Will New Executive Order on Cybersecurity Fast Track Zero Trust?

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Major Vendors Announce Critical Security Fixes and International Security Breaches

Perspectives: Gartner’s Strategic Roadmap for SASE Convergence

Six Key Characteristics of Modern ZTNA Solutions

No-Hassle ZTNA

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Ransomware Woes Continue Even As DarkSide Shuts Down After Claiming Multiple Victims

Zero Trust Done Right

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Another Supply-Chain Attack, Microsoft Vulnerabilities, and More Data Breaches

Malware in the Cloud: Odds Are You’re Infected

Better Together: The Future of CASBs and SWGs

Bitglass Security Spotlight: US Government Agencies Take Action Against Exchange Vulnerabilities and Social Media Giants Leak Data

The Importance of Uptime and Performance in Cloud Security

Six Key Characteristics of a Modern Secure Web Gateway

Bitglass Security Spotlight: DHS Emails Compromised in SolarWinds Attacks and Major Firms Disclose Breaches

Stop Misconfigurations with Bitglass SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

Learn What Your Peers Are Thinking in Bitglass’ 2021 Remote Work Security Report

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Hackers Targeting US Government Agencies and Launching Innovative Attacks

Do CASBs and Cloud SWGs Compete?

How to Quickly Integrate your SD-WAN with Bitglass

Customer Spotlight: Managing Uploads to Non-Traditional Applications

Gartner and the Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021

The Healthcare Breach Report: Hacking and IT Incidents on the Rise

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Major Provider of Network Security Discloses Breach

Tesla Experiences Internal Breach, Leaking Valuable Company Data

Crawl, Walk, and Run with SASE Adoption

99.99% verified uptime: 2015 to 2021

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Capitol Hill Rioters Compromise Government Computers

ATP and SWG with Bitglass: Stopping Threats in the Open Ocean

FPSL - Field Programmable SASE Logic

Solar Winds, Office 365 & Shipbuilding...

SASE vs Zero Trust

Bitglass Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Overview

Three Strikes & You're in!

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Popular Messaging App Exposes Users’ Private Data.

Bitglass, The FedRAMP-Authorized Platform for Total Cloud Security

Bitglass’ 2020 Cloud Security Report

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Ransomware and Other Forms of Cyberthreats Infiltrate Various Enterprises

Bitglass Named A Leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for CASB

Accelerating Security and the Cloud With Bitglass and AWS Global Accelerator

Enhancing Visibility with Bitglass and Splunk

Thwarting Malware Attacks with Bitglass

Bitglass Leads the Pack in KuppingerCole’s CASB Market Compass

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Ransomware Attack Affects more than 320K Students in Nevada School District

The Bitglass SASE Triangle: ZTNA for Internal Applications

The Bitglass SASE Triangle: SWG for Securing Web Traffic

Deception in the Workforce: Bitglass’ 2020 Insider Threat Report

Cost-Effective Cloud Security for the Modern Enterprise: Part 3

SWG without Certificate Hassles

The Bitglass SASE Triangle: CASB for Managed Apps

A Vantage Point to See Threats Before Impact

Securing Any App With Bitglass

"Easy Wins" When Securing Slack

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Over 200k Instacart Users’ Data Is Being Sold on Dark Web

Security Architecture podcast and the Bitglass SASE

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Over 15 Billion Usernames and Passwords Are Now Available on the Dark Web

Cost-Effective Cloud Security for the Modern Enterprise: Part 2

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Bitglass' 2020 Personal Device Report

SmartEdge is a Key Enabler for a Modern Remote Workforce

Bitglass adds Europe Local Edge Data Centers

Enhancing Speed and User Experience with Bitglass SASE

Bitglass adds Middle East & Africa Local Edge Data Centers

Pushing Web Security to the Edge is Common Sense

Cost-Effective Cloud Security for the Modern Enterprise: Part 1

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Telehealth Startup Based in the United Kingdom Affected by Data Leak

The Importance of a Robust Reverse Proxy

How to Thrive in a Remote-First Business World

The Need for Comprehensive DLP in The Remote Workforce

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Wishbone App Breached, Affecting More Than 40 Million Users

How to Choose the Right Cloud Access Security Broker

Bitglass and the Rise of the Remote Workforce

What You Need to Know About Reverse Proxy

Bitglass and CrowdStrike for Agentless ATP in the Cloud

Securing Remote Work Part 4: ZTNA

Beware of Counterfeits

Bitglass adds South Asia & ANZ Local Edge Data Centers

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Pharmaceutical Giant Is the Latest Victim of Ransomware Attack

Securing Remote Work Part 3: Web Traffic, SWG, & a Smarter Digital Edge

Secure Remote Work for Contractors

Don't Shoot the Messenger – Securing Communication Apps

Bitglass adds APAC Local Edge Data Centers

Bitglass adds South America Edge Data Centers

Bitglass on Apptega CyberXchange

Securing Remote Work Part 2: Bitglass CASB for SaaS

Securing Remote Work Part 1: Your Data Is on the Move

Enforcing Secure Access with Global Login Policies

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Data Breach Disclosed After the San Francisco International Airport is Targeted

The True Cost of Data Leaks

2020, The Year of New Privacy Rights

Work From Home, Securely

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Critical Data Stolen From Covid-19 Vaccine Test Center and Dispersed Online

Why Forego Health: WFH Securely through the Cloud

Glass Class: High-performance Security - The PolyScale Architecture

Don’t Take Our Word for It – Listen to Our Customers

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Cyber Attack Results in Defense Contractor Paying $500,000 Ransom

Leading Analyst Overheard: Bitglass SmartEdge Tech is SASE on Steroids

The Power of the Public Cloud

RSA 2020 - The Human Element

Bitglass Security Spotlight: 6.5 Million Registered Voters Exposed in Israel, Three Weeks Before the Election

Bitglass for SASE

How to Retain the Right Kinds of Control in the Cloud

Cloud Security that Performs

The Healthcare Breach Report: Breaches on the Upsurge

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Healthcare Burglary Results in Data Breach Affecting Over 654,000 Members

The 2020 Bitglass SKO Recap and More

The NSA says...

Zero Trust Network Access with Bitglass

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Mega Breach Exposes More Than 250 Million

Glass Class: Finding Shadow IT

Improved Team Collaboration with G Suite, Powered by Bitglass & Okta

Out-of-band real time API security

Partners in Cloud: Bitglass | Zscaler

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Vulnerability Found on TikTok Platform

The Rise of Insider Threats in Verizon’s DBIR

Glass Class: Cloud Security Priorities 2020

Bitglass: Deck the Cloud

Major metro cuts firewall spend!

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Cancer Centers Halted Due to Cyberattack

The Financial Matrix: Bitglass’ 2019 Financial Breach Report

Bitglass SASE wins Global 2000 enterprise

Bitglass API Gateway Encryption

Glass Class: Securing G Suite

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Domains Used to Target Microsoft Users

What a Night at Ignite

The Ins and Outs of Securing BYOD

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Surveillance Vulnerability Impacts Ring

A Perfect Intermediary: APIs

Glass Class: Why Integration Matters for Cloud Security

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Microsoft Users Attacked via Phishing

Cloud Adoption 2019: A for Adoption

Securing Data Beyond The Corporate Walls

Glass Class: Where to Detect Malware

The Four Pillars of CASB: Visibility

Bitglass Security Spotlight: 20 Million Russian Citizens Exposed

Glass Class: Integrating CASB with DLP

Appeasing the Oasis of Unknown: Shadow IT Discovery

Bitglass Security Spotlight: A Step-By-Step Guide To Breach Instagram

Glass Class: How to Detect Malware

The Cloudfathers: The Latest Cybersecurity Findings For Fortune 500

The Four Pillars of CASB: Identity

Bitglass Security Spotlight: 419 Million Facebook Users Exposed

Glass Class: The ZScaler and Bitglass Integration

Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Cloud Apps, and Cloud Security

An Old Dog With New Tricks

The Four Pillars of CASB: Threat Protection

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Google Issues Warning For 2 Billion Users

Glass Class: Protecting Unmanaged Device Access to Cloud Apps

The Four Pillars of CASB: Data Protection

Bitglass Security Spotlight: iPhones Susceptible to a Hack via Text

The Black Hat Experience with Bitglass

Glass Class: Three Essential Requirements for Securing IaaS

Bitglass Sales Kick-Off – Fun, Concise, and Effective!

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Capital One Suffers Data Breach Affecting 100 Million Customers

Cloud Security Posture Management: Why You Need It Now

Encrypt your Cloud Data!

Glass Class: The Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge

First-gen CASB goes phishing again

Securing G Suite with Bitglass

Bitglass Security Spotlight: TrickBot Malware Continues to Breach Millions of Emails

Can Private Attorneys Help Prevent Cybercrime?

Guardians of the Cloud: The Latest Security Findings

Global Visibility into your SaaS Applications

Bitglass Security Spotlight: EA Origin Leaves the Data of 300 Million Accounts Exposed

Bitglass at AWS re:inforce 2019: The Next-Gen CASB

Ensuring Data Security in Slack

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Canada’s Largest Credit Union Suffers Massive Data Breach

Sharing PHI, PII, and PCI in the Cloud?

Glass Class: Securing Patient Data in the Cloud

The Newspaper Test

Bitglass Security Spotlight: Quest Diagnostics Patients’ Personal Information at Risk



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