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2015 BYOD Security Survey - Calling all IT security Pros

By Annie Wang | July 17, 2015 at 11:03 AM


BYOD has been quite the trend within enterprises. In fact, 50% of enterprises today allow BYOD within their organization, and according to Gartner by 2017 half of enterprises will actually force employees to use their own device for work. Boardrooms like the idea of personal devices in the workplace as they reduce costs, and allow employees to work longer hours. But IT security professionals are the folks that have to make sure the all their company’s sensitive data doesn’t get gobbled up by some nasty malware installed on user devices, and that the companies most sensitive data isn’t being synced down to unmanaged devices. Devices that are then often lost or stolen. Easier said than done.

Here at Bitglass we thought it would be interesting to hear from the IT security professionals themselves. What does BYOD look like within their organization? Do users accept it? What are the challenges that they are facing when it comes to protecting data in a BYOD world?

Ask and you shall receive…right? In efforts to complete our mission of getting these answers we have created a quick 10 question survey on BYOD security. And of course, to help sweeten the deal, and show our appreciation for all participation we will be giving away a free Apple Watch!

So if you are an IT security professional and currently allow BYOD, are looking to allow BYOD or you just enjoy taking surveys, I invite you to please take our survey. The more information we have from you, the better we can understand your challenges and provide the security tools to help address them.

Please feel free to share the survey with your peers. We look forward to your participation!


Thanks in advance,

Chris Hines

Product Marketing Manager | Bitglass



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