Bitglass PhillyCom Inc. Testimonial


Bitglass PhillyCom Inc. Testimonial

Video Transcript

Tom Desilets: My name is Tom Desilets, I’m the President to PhillyCom, Inc. located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We were founded in 2009, we’ve been doing infrastructure as well as cybersecurity since day one. Mobility has really created a requirement and cloud as for local egress and direct access to those services, whatever they might be in the cloud has transformed our customers’ requirements how they secure that traffic because they no longer can run everything back to a single data center for inspection.

Tom Desilets: Our primary directive has been to bring to our customers the formed alternative choice solutions that we find in the space that we like to specialize in – Bitglass certainly represents exactly that type of solution. What I have seen outside of Bitglass, is some of the other folks who are claiming to be CASBs were really just firewall providers who were attempting to get into the space. Bitglass came to the CASB space, as a CASB. As far as I’m concerned as the President of PhillyCom, Inc., it’s a priority for us, it’s a priority for our customers.

Kayla Holdren: My name is Kayla Holdren, and I’ve been a Business Development Manager at PhillyCom for a little over a year. What makes Bitglass different is that they were the first to offer an agentless CASB, which makes it easy for them to protect their employees’ BYOD devices, without having to put an intrusive agent on the device. For a recent customer in the financial services industry, we were up against a well known informitable end point solution provider, ultimately the customer went with Bitglass because the agentless factor, and also because of the ease of administration security that only Bitglass can provide.

Tom Desilets: By being agentless, Bitglass revolutionized things for our customers in terms of their ability to manage and secure that data without circumventing the requirements of a given secure environment. Bitglass is there for you as a business partner side by side and is the best CASB technology that is available in the marketplace today. The wide breath of services, we have a solution here where customers not only are secure in their mobile users, but they’re also replacing not only just MDM but they are replacing their single sign on solution because Bitglass has that bundled in as well so it is really a robust security offering that doesn’t require an agent and can protect those mobile users and data out there so I would tell those folks looking to build a CASB business to go Bitglass.