Glass Class - Banking on CASBs


Glass Class - Banking on CASBs

Video Transcript

If you're in the financial services industry, you probably have a lot of sensitive data in your organization - data stored in apps like Office 365, Salesforce, and apps built on top of AWS. Really, the challenge with protecting that data is protecting the reputation - protecting that data for compliance purposes. These are the goals that you're trying to achieve as an organization looking to protect your data and financial services.

So how do you go about doing that? With a cloud access security broker like Bitglass, you can achieve many of those goals with these capabilities. Things like encryption for data at rest in Salesforce and Amazon Web Services can go a long way in ensuring that that data stored off premises is protected. DLP, data leakage prevention - identifying that sensitive data and applying protections to that data at access, whether it's in Office 365 or really any cloud application that you have deployed. DLP can be incredibly valuable. Of course, mobile data protection - the cloud really lends itself to access from mobile devices.

Protecting those managed and unmanaged assets and all that data that's coming down to those assets is absolutely critical, as well. So these are just some of the many capabilities of a cloud access security broker. And it's with these capabilities that you're really able to achieve comprehensive protection across all your endpoints for data at rest in the cloud and for data wherever it goes - whether it's in a sanctioned app or an unsanctioned app that you have no control over. The end goal at the end of the day is to protect your reputation, limit data leakage, and to achieve compliance with comprehensive encryption, logging, and so forth. Thanks for joining Glass Class.