Arms Giant Secures BYOD with Bitglass' CASB

Case Study

This global arms manufacturer headquartered in the United States needed to secure BYOD access to corporate productivity applications.

Data security is paramount at this enterprise, since it supplies products to thousands of military and law-enforcement organizations worldwide. The firm’s security team had previously attempted an MDM deployment. The team found that while MDM was suitable for corporate-owned mobile devices, it was unusable on a wide range of BYOD.

The firm’s global distribution of employees made supporting MDM on BYOD very expensive. Moreover, the firm faced user revolt – many rejected the idea of installing agents that controlled their personal devices and potentially threatened their privacy. This unsuccessful deployment of MDM resulted in lost productivity for the firm. The IT security team commenced a search for an agentless solution for mobile security and found Bitglass.

The team was drawn to Bitglass' CASB for its wide array of agentless features: selective wipe, device encryption, and login policy enforcement. Bitglass gave the team the visibility and control that it needed over mobile device usage. The ease of product setup was an additional bonus: within an hour of registering for a trial account, the IT team had a half-dozen users enrolled in Bitglass.

The team ran Bitglass through a gamut of feature tests: selective wiping and restoring of devices, geo-fencing, DLP blocking and alerts, and ActiveDirectory Sync for automated provisioning of users and groups. After a couple of weeks of testing, the IT team was convinced they had found their ideal solution for BYOD security. Bitglass’ per user (not per device) pricing model helped make the decision to purchase even more straightforward.

“After struggling with MDM solutions, Bitglass' CASB is a dream come true--security, usability, and best of all, no software to install.”

—CISO, Global Arms Giant