Arapahoe House Secures BYOD with Bitglass

Case Study

With 11 locations and 20 quality services for adults, teens and families, Arapahoe House is the largest and leading provider of substance use disorder treatment in Colorado. The organization provides a full continuum of care throughout metro Denver, from walk-in withdrawal management centers and clinic-based treatment, to intensive residential programs. Founded in 1975, the nonprofit delivers essential and often life-saving treatment to patients and their families based on national models of care.

Mobile devices are an important source of productivity for the organization, with a distributed workforce spread across metro Denver, Colorado. A portion of users have corporate managed devices, but a large portion use BYO devices to access corporate mail from its hybrid Office 365 / Exchange deployment. The organization needed a solution to manage these devices as Arapahoe House’s IT team was uncertain about the number of BYO devices that were being used, and also the manner in which they were being used.

The team set out to find a solution to secure the data on these mobile devices. It evaluated AirWatch, MobileIron, and several other MDM solutions. However, it did not like any of these tools because of their difficult deployment processes, as well as poor user experiences. The IT team members all agreed that if they themselves wouldn’t want to install these MDM solutions on their own personal devices, their employees would not want to either.

Arapahoe House’s IT team was drawn to Bitglass’ CASB for mobile security because of its agentless approach, which enabled an easy deployment, as well as its extensibility to Office 365 across the migration from Exchange. With Bitglass, Arapahoe House would be able to meet its data security and visibility requirements while not burdening employees with MDM agents on their personal devices. Bitglass provides the ability to noninvasively monitor access to sensitive data on BYO endpoints and provides a more streamlined process for decommisioning users. When a user is deprovisioned, corporate data is selectively wiped from their devices.

Arapahoe House’s IT team has been able to achieve complete visibility--the organization can now track 100% of its employees’ usage of BYOD. 

The simplicity of Bitglass’ solution allowed the IT team to build user-friendly guides for employees and IT members to onboard and offboard.  Prior to Bitglass, the IT team had a great deal of difficulty removing corporate data off of devices belonging to those leaving the organization. Now, the IT team has been able to successfully wipe the mailboxes of all of the users who leave its organization.  Additionally, the watermarking ability of Bitglass’ DLP engine enables the IT team to quickly identify and resolve potential data leakage issues.


“Using Bitglass, with its non-invasive design, helps build trust between IT and employees. In many organizations, that trust doesn’t exist, is hard to build, and hard to maintain.”

– Matt Bartlett, Manager of Information Technology