AMAG Pharma Secures G Suite & BYOD with Bitglass

Case Study

Nathan McBride, VP IT of AMAG Pharmaceuticals, chose G Suite as the cloud backbone for the company. G Suite offers a high performance productivity suite that is flexible and easy to use, allowing employees to rapidly adopt the tools needed to enhance productivity.

Combining BYOD and cloud meant that AMAG lost visibility and control of its data, risking security and compliance. Existing security solutions were blunt instruments that were not readily applicable to cloud apps. Plus they raised privacy concerns, since employees didn’t want IT monitoring their personal cloud apps or personal mobile devices. Bitglass' multi-mode cloud access security broker (CASB) enables McBride to transparently secure cloud and mobile usage without deploying software on premises.

Bitglass monitors and controls usage of G Suite via contextual access-control policies by user, device, and geography. With its multi-protocol proxies, Bitglass is able to secure all traffic from any endpoint without complex configuration. In addition, Bitglass protects AMAG files at access with its robust cloud DLP engine. Using configurable keyword regular expression rules, AMAG can even redact sensitive content on unmanaged mobile devices. Bitglass also enables AMAG to selectively wipe corporate data from mobile devices without agents. Employees may use the native productivity clients on their personal device without the privacy concerns of device management software. If a device is lost or compromised, AMAG can selectively wipe corporate data from the device and block continued access.

Bitglass delivers security for AMAG and privacy for employees.

“Bitglass uniquely delivers a comprehensive security solution that automatically segments, tracks & secures sensitive data in cloud and mobile deployments without invading user privacy. Best of all, it’s a zero- touch deployment.”

—Nathan McBride, VP IT