Glass Class - Agentless Security for BYOD


Glass Class - Agentless Security for BYOD

Video Transcript

Hello. Welcome to Glass Class. My name is Amish Kohli. Today, I'll be talking a little bit about Bitglass' mobile security solution. In today's world, email has ventured into the cloud. So, IT security professionals, with the enhancement of BYO, are now worried about their email or ActiveSync traffic coming down to any device.

The Bitglass mobile security solution can actually mitigate this by securing all ActiveSync traffic going down to any device without the use of a software or agent. So, for example, if I wanted to put my email on my iPhone, as we all do, or my personal iPad, or, in today's BYO world, my wife or son's Samsung device, I technically can. Thus giving IT a hole in not being able to secure that traffic. But now, with the Bitglass security solution, we can now give you visibility, security, and control of all data going down to somebody's personal device and, once again, without software or agents. 

So, the end users have the native experience – 100% – but know that their personal data will never be touched or looked at by corporate organizations. In addition, Bitglass has a very unique selective wipe capability. Now, this capability actually can wipe all email contacts and calendars from my personal device with, once again, not having me install anything on it.

So, if I were, let's say, in a taxi and I lost my phone – or maybe I just left the organization. With the click of a button, my administrator can now wipe my device. What occurs is, on the next protocol, the device is now wiped. But, if I go back, you can actually see that all my other personal data, my pictures, anything that I want to keep, is now intact without the corporate organization's data on the device. 

Thank you for watching Glass Class and the Bitglass mobile security solution. My name is Amish Kohli.