Bitglass' SASE platform provides zero-day threat protection through integrations with best-of-breed vendors like CrowdStrike, Bitdefender, and Cylance. With Bitglass, you can leverage AI and behavior-based protections to thwart known and zero-day threats.

Best-of-Breed Detection

Best-of-Breed Detection

  • Scan with the engine of your choosing; complement your existing AV tools. 
  • Behavior-based detections use AI to identify zero-day malware.
  • Autonomous block/allow decision requires no intervention from IT.

Malware Where
Glass Class: Detecting Malware in the Cloud

Real-Time Protection

  • Halt threats at download and upload from any cloud app or device, managed or unmanaged.
  • Detect and remove threats already at rest within the cloud.
  • Low-latency solution requires no sandbox, identifies malware in milliseconds using file characteristics.

Bitglass University: Setting Up Malware Detection

Painless Deployment

  • Hosted on AWS for fast, scalable deployment.
  • Minimal setup required – with one click add ATP detection to the Bitglass policy database. (Click to play demo video on the right).
  • Invisible to end users with no agents required on unmanaged devices and no signature updates.

CrowdStrike and Bitglass: Solutions Sheet

CrowdStrike’s threat detection capabilities are now integrated directly into Bitglass’ CASB. You can now agentlessly detect zero-day threats at upload, at download, and at rest wherever data goes.


Malware Protection That Works

Malware and ransomware are major and growing threats. See how you can stop threats with Bitglass in a matter of minutes minutes.