Glass Class - 2018 Mobile Security Priorities


Glass Class - 2018 Mobile Security Priorities

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Glass Class. Today we'll be talking about mobile security priorities for 2018. Now a lot of organizations are thinking about “How do I secure all of the devices that are being used in my organization that have access to corporate data?” Really, that's two different types of devices, those managed endpoints and the unmanaged endpoints.

With respect to managed devices, really, there are two priorities, device control and data control. Device control meaning you really understand where devices are being used and how they're being used and have complete control over the device with respect to the applications that can be used on the device. That's really great for limiting risk on some of those managed assets. Then you have data control. If you have complete control over the device, you have complete control over the data and how it can flow into and out of the device. That complete control can be invaluable in a regulated industry like financial services or healthcare.

Then you have those unmanaged BYOD endpoints. Some of these unmanaged assets that are typically not owned by the organization but owned by employees – and employees want to work the way they want to work. They want access to data from home or from a coffeehouse or what have you. Adherence and visibility are really the two priorities with respect to those unmanaged mobile assets – adherence to security best practices in terms of what applications employees can upload data to, and visibility. That’s something organizations really don't have a lot of the time from these unmanaged assets – visibility into where data is flowing, whether those are high risk data outflows, and really how to tamp down on some of those high-risk data outflows.

Those are mobile security priorities in a nutshell. Thanks for watching Glass Class.