Glass Class - 2018 Cloud Security Priorities


Glass Class - 2018 Cloud Security Priorities

Video Transcript

Hi everyone and welcome to today's Glass Class where we're going to be covering 2018 cloud security priorities. Now, we've done this the last couple of years, and you can check out our YouTube channel and see some of the prior years, and it's amazing how quickly things have changed in just a short period of time. So, we have four priorities for 2018, some of which overlap with the past and some of which do not.

First one is what we call the long tail. The first couple of years of cloud adoption in the enterprise really revolved around a core set of well known SaaS applications. What's happened in the last year or two is a very quick, broadening of applications from sort of a core group of eight to ten SaaS apps that most of us can name off the top of our heads, to a much broader set of applications both in terms of industry specific SaaS applications, less well-known SaaS applications, and, of course, internal apps moving to the cloud. With all of that transition comes just as much need for security and compliance with those as you need for a major app like an Office 365.

Second one is BYOD. BYOD has been on our list for each of the last three years – and for good reason. When you move to the cloud, your data doesn't just stay at rest inside of that cloud application. As soon as you go and roll out a new cloud application to your employees and to your business partners, they're all going to get apps, they're going log into those applications from various different devices, and start syncing and downloading data – not only to their managed devices but to BYOD devices as well. So, in order to have a comprehensive approach to cloud security, you must protect not only the data at rest in the cloud, but the data that's syncing and downloading to all those various different devices, as well.

Third one is GDPR. GDPR is impacting organizations across the world. Anyone that handles any sort of data related to European citizens must comply with GDPR. So what's happening here with the GDPR deadline now hitting us here in 2018, many more organizations are becoming, in effect, regulated. So what used to be the domain of financial services organizations and healthcare organizations is impacting organizations in every single industry. And that's raising the applicability of technologies like data leakage prevention and encryption from sort of a core group of previously regulated industries to pretty much every industry on the planet – so a pretty big impact from a data security standpoint there, as well.

And then the last one here is deployability. A number of organizations have gone out, they've purchased cloud access security broker solutions, agent-based solutions that don't integrate well with either the devices that they're allowing into their organization or the rest of the enterprise security infrastructure. So getting things deployed and operational has become a key mandate for a lot of organizations that have been kicking the tires on cloud security for some time now.

So there you have it, the list of 2018 cloud security priorities. Thank you so much for joining.