glass class - 2017 mobile security priorities


glass class - 2017 mobile security priorities

Video Transcript

You're already well aware of some of the security challenges when it comes to the cloud applications in your organization, but what about some of the mobile devices in your organization that can access that corporate data? We've put together these top four mobile security priorities that organizations should really be focused on as they look to protecting data on these mobile assets.

One is management, being able to easily manage a large set of devices - not just managed devices, but also unmanaged devices. How easy is it to deploy and update a security solution that you have working across all the devices that can access your corporate data?

Second is data leakage. Data leakage is, of course, very easy when you have a device that is no longer forced to access data through the corporate network, and instead can be taken to a local Starbucks and is an unmanaged device. Data leakage, the threat of loss and theft, and being able to access sensitive files and emails are all things that are risks with mobile devices and that organizations should take steps to protect against. Whether that's device-centric security controls or data-centric security controls, like DLP, all are great ways to prevent data leakage on mobile devices.

Then there's adoption. You need to get buy-in from your employees. You need to get them to use whatever security solutions you have in place to protect that corporate data on those mobile devices. If it's an unmanaged mobile asset, say a personal iPhone or an Android device, you really need to get users to hop on board.

The way a lot of organizations can do that is to focus on the user privacy aspect. That's a big thing for a lot of organizations and a lot of individuals. How do you secure data while maintaining user privacy? Striking that balance, making sure that you have the appropriate security tools in place to protect data, while also maintaining user privacy, is a great way to ensure mobile security on all managed and unmanaged devices.

Those are the four mobile security priorities.

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