Glass Class - 2017 Cloud Security Priorities


Glass Class - 2017 Cloud Security Priorities

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. Today, we're going to be talking about cloud security priorities for 2017. This is a follow-up from our wildly successful Cloud Security Priorities 2016 video that we did last year. It's amazing how much things can change in just over a  year, but I think it speaks to how quickly cloud and security strategies are evolving in enterprises across the globe. With no further ado, here's the top four:

Number one makes a return appearance, and this is BYOD access. Last year, and continued this year, people have a huge set of concerns related to the fact that any employee with any device can come into a cloud-based application and sync or download sensitive corporate data. BYOD remains a big concern.

Number two is misuse. This takes two forms, either malicious insiders that have gone rogue and are trying to steal corporate data for their own personal gain, or through credential compromise where someone on the outside has gotten their hands on an employee's credentials and is trying to steal or leak data that way.

Third area is malware. This is a new one on the list, but it has become a bigger concern as cloud applications have become a more and more attractive proliferation point for malware. Specifically, something like a file-share-and-sync application can be used to not only get malware on one device, but perhaps have it sync across many devices across an organization almost automatically, just by nature of one of the built-in features of a cloud-based application.

The fourth one here is data leakage. Here, this one remains on the list from last year, specifically because there are a number of key and critical areas where data can leak through a cloud app, and can leak through external sharing. It can sync via API to other backend applications, and it can, of course, be downloaded to either these BYOD devices or other devices across the network and then leak that way.

There you have it. There are your top four cloud security priorities for 2017.