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glass class - quickly identify data breaches


glass class - how bitglass can quickly identify data breaches

Video Transcript

Hi, and welcome to another Glass Class. This is Swati Chopra, manager of technical support here at Bitglass. And today I wanted to discuss about the vulnerabilities that are faced by our financial sector, and how does Bitglass help to do away with all those vulnerabilities. 

So to start with I wanted to to relate a short story that you must have heard about as well. There was once this huge bank, a very large bank, which had all its security structures in place. It had everything, all the firewalls. It spent a lot of money to secure everything. But then there was this hacker in a far off country who once found out that there was a vulnerability on one of the servers. So this hacker tries to exploit that vulnerability. He finds out that there is no two factor authentication and he starts sending the malware software. And he starts getting all of the data out of that bank. Now this started in June of 2014, and the bank realized in mid-August 2014. But by that time when they were able to control everything, they already lost about 83 million of customer records. Which included their email addresses, their phone numbers, all their personal data. Now this was obviously a confidentiality breach for them, but this also made them prone to a lot of phishing attacks. 

So what could Bitglass do in such case? How can Bitglass help to mediate that? To go away and to do away with all those issues, it's very important to understand that it normally takes about 209 days to find out and take an action against such breaches. So what Bitglass does in those cases is let's take the 209 days here. Now you had your firewall. You start sending your logs from the firewall to the Bitglass solution, which is Bitglass Breach Discovery. 

So this is a high risk intelligence database, which matches all the logs that you get from the firewall. It tries to tell you about any of the torrent networks, any of malicious destinations where your servers are going to. Any malware command control centers and it gives you a report. And all of this happens in a maximum of 5 days. So now, we have reduced those 209 days to 5 days. This is what Bitglass Breach Discovery can do for you and this is how powerful it is. So in case you want to learn more about Bitglass Breach Discovery, please stay tuned for our Glass Class. Thank you and have a great day.

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