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video - bitglass explained in 2 minutes


video - bitglass explained in 2 minutes

Bitglass explained

Two massive trends are transforming enterprise IT. The adoption of public cloud applications and the growth of BYOD devices. With these trends, corporate data is moving beyond the firewall outside of IT control. This gives way to a blind spot and a new security challenge. To tackle this obstacle, some enterprises rely on the cloud application providers but SaaS apps are not built for security. Others attempt to block cloud apps and install software that tracks activity on employee devices. This creates a poor user experience and lacks critical visibility and tag data in motion. 

Enterprises need a solution that empowers employees to work the way that they want. A solution that protects corporate data everywhere -- end to end security. Bitglass, the only hybrid CASB, pioneered a data-centric approach to security. Bitglass’ total data protection approach, secures corporate data across all areas of risk and is transparent to employees.

The CASB allows IT security teams to monitor and minimize risky activity and its patented full-strength searchable cloud encryption keeps sensitive cloud data protected. Contextual access control and data leakage prevention engines ensure risk-appropriate access to sensitive data and applications. Security is embedded in data as it leaves the app allowing the organization to maintain visibility and control including the ability to track data anywhere on the internet, even in the dark web. If a device is lost or stolen, Bitglass can selectively wipe corporate data without installing agents. With Bitglass, enterprises can rest assured that in their journey to the public cloud, their data is protected even after it leaves their corporate network.

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