Secure Cloud and Mobile in Minutes

  • Secure corporate data on mobile devices without MDM
  • Deploy Data-Leakage Prevention for regulatory compliance
  • Watermark & track sensitive documents anywhere on the Internet
  • Security & control for IT; Usability & privacy for employees
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BYOD and Cloud. Unstoppable.

Mobile devices and cloud apps are two unstoppable trends in computing, for both work and life. These technologies boost productivity, cut costs, and are easy-to-use from anywhere. The question is: how do you secure them? You could block cloud apps and install software that controls and tracks activity on mobile devices, invading employee privacy. But what you need is a solution that securely enables cloud and mobile, while allowing employees to keep their personal lives private. Enter Bitglass.

Bitglass enables your business to move ahead with mobile and cloud securely, while respecting employee privacy.

What They're Saying

"Bitglass uniquely delivers a comprehensive security solution that automatically segments, tracks and secures our sensitive data across cloud and mobile without invading our users’ privacy. Best of all, it’s a zero-touch deployment."

Nathan McBride, VP IT & CIO